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CraftSanity Episode 5: Follow Your Bliss with Violette Clark.
Fasten Your Craft Fairy Wings and tune in for an interview with one of the freest spirits on the planet.

Her name is Violette Clark and she is an extremely brave woman. She’s an illustrator and folk artist who isn’t afraid to stand out. She lives in British Columbia, Canada in the purple house she named the “Magic Cottage” and travels about in the “Glitter Girl” van, a ride she pimped out with a wild paint job and inspirational sayings.

At age 51, she says she feels like she’s finally come into her own. She likes to wear her hair long, take road trips with her “Bohemian Tribe,” and dress up like a fairy for the occasional wish-granting session. She’s not like most people and that’s what makes her so interesting.

In this episode of CraftSanity, Violette is going to tell us how she’s used art to pull herself through the toughest times of her life. She’s a firm believer in the healing power of art. Come along for some crazy craft adventures involving Violette’s inflatable friend, Malcom, fifty purple bras and a revealing photo shoot in the sunflower patch behind the "Magic Cottage."

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Here's a pattern for Violette's Creative Spirit Doll.

A Craftabulous Tune: This podcast ends with a great song called "The Boob Fairy" by Deirdre Flint. Visit Deirdre here.

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