CraftSanity Episode 8: Knit Babes with Claire Garland
Move over Barbie. Plastic perfection is out and retro rag dolls are in. Thanks to English artist and author Claire Garland, we all can knit a super cute alternative to the mass produced, virtually unattainable stereotype of the female form. It’s time to meet a hip new crew of spectacular “Knitted Babes.”

This week Claire introduces us to the babes from her fabulous book “Knitted Babes: Five Dolls & Their Wardrobes to Knit and Stitch.” (Interweave Press, 2005) For all the knitters out there who love to sew, Claire has miniaturized trendy fashions and combined fabric and knitware designs to round out each babe’s wardrobe. From hats, shawls and shoes, to sweaters, dresses and purses, Claire has written patterns to completely outfit your doll after you knit her up and sew on the eyes and hair. Each babe has so much personality it’s easy to forget they’re not real.

Clearly, this married mother of three, has a gift for creative arts. And her story is inspiring for those with big crafty ideas. Claire just recently learned to knit, proving you don’t need 20 years of experience under your belt to get out there and start designing your own creations.

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Here's a free pattern for a funky, Knitted Babe dress and accessories for you to try at home. Thanks Claire!

Check out Claire's web site to see the newest additions to the "Knitted Babes" family and order a kit to make one for yourself.

Or, join the knit-along and share your babe with the world.

The song at the of the podcast is "Really, Really Happy" by the Muffs. Thanks to the band for making their music available via the Podsafe Music Network.

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