14 May 2006
CraftSanity Episode 17: Get Cozy With Alicia Paulson, Creator of Posie: Rosie Little Things
In March 1998, Alicia Paulson was happy with her life. She was a 29-year-old newlywed settling into a new editing job in a new city. Then the unexpected happened. She got hit by a garbage truck.

Restricted to bed rest between the multiple surgeries required to save her foot and ankle, Alicia stitched herself a distraction. She passed some of that difficult time decorating vintage pillow cases with silk ribbon embroidery, an act that signaled the beginning of her creative awakening.

Today, Alicia, 37, is happy again. On this episode of CraftSanity, she's going to tell us the inspiring story of how she triumphed over her injury and became a successful crafty designer and businesswoman. These days she makes lovely products including handbags, aprons, paper mache birds, whimsical wire "cagelets" and crocheted baby dresses that she sells via her online shop Posie: Rosy Little Things. She is also co-owner of Ella Posie: A Baby, Bridal, Birthday and Just-Because Boutique in Portland. You might recognize her from the wonderful Posie Gets Cozy blog she writes.

Alicia's story is one of creative determination and personal reinvention, so prepare to be inspired.

Below are some of the lovely items Alicia makes.


*The self portrait at the top of the page and photos of Alicia's creations were used courtesy of Alicia Paulson. (Thanks, Alicia!)

Pasted Graphic 1This week's project is a very simple crochet coaster pattern from me. Whip up some new coasters in fun summer colors to give your favorite glass a cozy place to chill.

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