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CraftSanity Episode 20: Artist Katherine Shaughnessy Has Crewel Intentions

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This week we’ll hear the story of an artist living a creative life on the outskirts of Marfa, Texas. Katherine Shaughnessy is the 36-year-old fine artist making a name for herself in the craft world and as the creator of the hip Wool & Hoop Crewel Embroidery Kits. She’s also the author of a fabulous embroidery book called: “The New Crewel, Exquisite Designs in Contemporary Embroidery ,” (Lark, 2005).

I met Katherine in 1998 when she was the artist in residence at Central Michigan University and I was wrapping up my journalism degree. That semester I squeezed a fiber art class into my schedule so I could take a class with my roommate – an art major – before we graduated. The class made a wonderful impression on me. Katherine showed us how to use crafty traditional methods like knitting, quilting and embroidery in unconventional ways.
I was so happy when I stumbled across Kathrine’s book while surfing the net recently. It was great to get a chance to chat with her again. So, tune into this week's show to hear about Katherine's life, art, crafts and the cross country adventure that led her to a little art meca in West Texas.


While Katherine is known for her efforts to bring crewel back into the crafting mainstream, here true love is fine art.
She creates intriguing sculptural pieces including those featured in her "Adventures in Bioengineering" and "Landscapes" collections.

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This week's CraftSanity project is a Katherine Shaughnessy-inspired art sampler exercise that will get you thinking about making art with just about everything you see.

Annoucements: June 10 is World Wide Knitting in Public Day, so get ready to take your needles to the streets. I’d like to see the day expand to all art and craft mediums. So if you don’t knit, make whatever you make is a place where people can admire your work.

Call for Green ideas!
Thanks to those of you who responded to last week’s request for eco-friendly crafting ideas. You’ve pointed me to some very interesting artists who create wonderful work with recycled materials. Please keep the project ideas and guest suggestions coming. And don’t be shy about sending photos of the cool projects you’ve made yourself. My hope is to be able to post some fantastic project ideas on the website when I release the green Craftsanity episodes in the coming weeks.

Taking Names: Who do you want to hear from next? Send your comments, guest and show topic suggestions to jennifer@craftsanity.com.