CraftSanity Episode 9: Quilt Like You Mean It with Denyse Schmidt
“Denyse Schmidt Quilts.”
That’s the name of her new book and boy does she ever.

Denyse, 45, of Bridgeport, Conn., learned to sew as a child, but she didn’t set out to revolutionize the world of quilting. That's just the way it worked out.

She did that 9-to-5 thing many of us do, but felt a tug toward art school by her late 20s. Denyse didn’t specialize in fiber art at the Rhode Island School of Design, but was able to couple her sewing background with her newly acquired graphic design skills, a combination that would later become the foundation of her wonderful quilt business that is celebrating its 10th year of operation.


In this episode of CraftSanity you will hear the inspiring story of how Denyse went from an artist with a day job, to a full-time artist who is living her dream.

For more information about Denyse and her quilts, check out her site and her cool product line.

dis-card art

This week's how-to is for paper and fabric "Dis-Cards" from "Denyse Schmidt Quilts" book courtesy of Denyse and Chronicle Books.

This episode closes with the song "What if" by Smallfish courtesy of the fabulous Podsafe Music Network. For those who are curious, Smallfish is a one-man-band featuring singer song writer, Evan Lefloch, of Orlando, Fla.

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