CrafSanity Episode 31
Rhonda Simmons Introduces Us to "Art in a Box"
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Rhonda Simmons is a 43-year-old artist living in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada where she documents life with plaster castings and empowers other women to celebrate themselves in their own artistic ways. And it's Rhonda's whimsical spirit that led her to convert feminine hygiene dispensers into colorful "Outsider Art in a Box" dispensers. Who would of thought those dispensers could ever be so fun?


Tune in for our chat about art parties, body casting, using art as therapy, artist trading cards and art vending.

Rhonda sells body casting kits. Below is one of her embellished creations.


After you listen to the show check out Rhonda's "Altered Anything" and art vending sites. Rhonda is going to be starting and "Outsider Art in a Box" subscription soon, so be sure to contact her through her website if you're interested. You'd be getting cool stuff like these samples she send me.

This is the box the art comes in.


I got a chalk board necklace by Rhonda, a mini-watercolor painting by Rachel Daws and a coffee condom by Kathy Braun.


Check out these other art vending sites:

unknownThis week's project is an artist trading card how-to from Rhonda.

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