10 September 2006
CraftSanity Episode 34
Get your Knit Fix with Lisa Kartus
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When Lisa Kartus makes a knitting mistake, she revels in it. Tune in to this episode of CraftSanity to hear how this financial reporter turned knitting writer has emerged on the crafty scene with her debut kniitting book "Knit Fix: Problem Solving for Knitters"

Drop a stitch or cross your cables in the wrong direction? No problem, Lisa is here to help. Her book is a wonderful resource for DIYers looking to repair those annoying knitting mistakes and get on with their stitching. Lisa, 53, of Wheaton, Ill., details a variety of common knitting mistakes and their remedies. This is a great book to read, then keep on hand for those inevitable knitting emergencies.

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WIN A COPY of "Knit Fix: Problem Solving for Knitters" courtesy of the folks at Interweave Press. All you have to do is e-mail me a photo and brief desciption of your knitting problem by 5 p.m. Sept. 19. I'll enter your name in the random drawing and forward your knitting problem on to Lisa, and she'll consider it for a possible write up on her website www.knitmaven.com,

Starting in October, she’ll also broadcast and discuss this weekly knit fix on
Cast-On: A Podcast for Knitters, hosted by Brenda Dayne. (Brenda was featured on CraftSanity episode 22.)

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