03 September 2006
CraftSanity Episode 33
Samplin' Crafty Goodness with Marie Kare
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Looking for an easy way to get the word out about your crafty creations? You're in luck! On this episode of CraftSanity we're going to meet the one and only Marie Kare, the brilliant creator of the Sampler, a marketing and promotional tool designed to help indie business folks get exposure.

Since 2004, artists, crafters, zine makers, record labels and other creative entities have been shipping samples of their products to Marie, 28, of Sacramento, Calif. She photographs the samples to post on her website and then packages them up to ship off to subscribers, other Sampler contributers and the media.

Tune in for a fun chat with Marie (pictured to the left from a few years ago) honoring the second birthday of the Sampler, then head over to her website and see what you've been missing. Whether you have a crafty business or indie band to promote, or you just like the idea of getting cool stuff in your mailbox -- the Sampler is a crafty venture worth supporting. Is there really anything better than getting crafty goodness delivered straight to your door? Subscriptions are free for contributors, so it's a fun way to promote your business and enjoy samples from your crafty peers.

Be sure to read Marie's fun interviews with movers and shakers of the crafty world and check out some fab how-tos submitted by some fantastic crafters. And find out how to contribute and subscribe here.

WARNING: The Sampler IS VERY ADDICTIVE. Marie and Jennifer are not liable if you end up drooling on your front porch, awaiting delivery of your next Sampler. So, please Sample responsibly, folks.

This Week's Project: As a crafty haiku expert, Marie was kind enough to share this impressive how-to written in, you guessed it, haiku.

WIN FREE BOOKS! There's still time to enter the giveaway for one of collage artist Claudine Hellmuth's books, The folks at North Light Books have kindly donated copies of both Claudine's fabulous books for a CraftSanity giveaway, so don't miss your chance to win one of four prizes.

Bust out your craft supplies and take Claudine's 20-minute quick challenge. Make a piece of art in the medium of your choice (collage, knit, felt, sew, crochet, quilt, sculpt, whatever... ) inspired by the word "SWEET" and e-mail it to me along with your name, address and anything you'd like to say about your entry. Abby, a.k.a. CraftSanity's 2-year-old vice president of fun, will randomly select four lucky winners. Entries will not be judged, but celebrated in a gallery posting on this website.

The deadline is 12 p.m. EST, Monday, September 11. (Since this podcast posting was late, I'll let a the stragglers sneak in their entries if they arrive in my in-box by Tuesday.) So get to it! Have fun and good luck!

Get your craft on at the Renegade Craft Fair from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sept. 16 & 17 at Chicago's Wicker Park.

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