CraftSanity Episode 15: Meet Drew Emborsky: The Crochet Dude
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Drew Emborsky, 38, is a shy dude who loves to crochet. He loves it so much that he crochets from morning till night, six days a week working very hard to build his reputation as a pattern designer. On this episode of CraftSanity, Drew will share the story of how he landed in Houston, Texas and began to make a name for himself as The Crochet Dude.

For years after he discovered the life of a gallery artist wasn’t for him, Drew moved from one professional challenge after another. But he never quite found a job that could hold his attention long term. So after he found himself struggling to find meaning and purpose in the wake of a tremendous personal loss, he picked up his crochet hook and starting stitching. I’ll let him tell you what happened next.

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Drew said it took him about a month to create "Nouveau Riche" inspired by Charles Rennie Makintosh. He has plans to release the pattern at the end of the summer.

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Check out Drew's free Pentagon Dishcloth Pattern

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Check out his free patterns for a beverage cozy and other cool creations.

Here are more links to The Crochet Dude:
Web site
He also is a contributor to the very cool whip up website.

During the interview I blanked and couldn’t retrieve the name of the fastest crocheter in the world, Lily Chin. She’s a fantastic knit and crochet designer and I apologize that I couldn’t retrieve her name from the tangle of yarn in my head. Let’s all wish her luck because she set to defend her crochet title in Melbourne Australia at the end of June.

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CraftSanity Episode 1: Meet the Creator of Monster Crochet
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Tune in for a behind-the-scenes chat with Regina Rioux Gonzalez, 36, of Los Angeles, the creative force behind

By day she works as an investment bank administrator, by night she's stitching away, creating an endless series of original pieces that include fiber likenesses of raw chickens, one-eyed produce, yarn members of the Vegetable Liberation Army, full-size skeletons and a variegated scorpion.

Regina has a bachelor's degree in art from California State University, Northridge and a master's degree in Fine Art from Claremont Graduate University. Learn how she became such a fearless fiber artist able to balance art with a day job, hear what she has to say about all those bloodshot eye balls she's stitched and how showcasing her work on the Internet has fueled her creativity. It's amazing what a woman can do with single crochet.

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Regina was kind enough to share her eyeball pattern with us.
Download the pdf here. The pattern will be featured in the 2007 Pattern-A-Day-Calendar, so look for that next year. Have a cool pattern you want to submit to the calendar, check out this site.

Here's a sampling of some of her other fantastic creations.

Photos courtesy of Regina Rioux Gonzalez

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