CraftSanity Episode 24:
Felt a Bit of Whimsy with Betz White

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Tune in for a chat with Betz White, 41, a fashion designer, artist and crafter living in Verona, Wisconsin.

She’s going to give us an inside scoop on children’s apparel design and share the story of how she’s developing her own signature line of handmade goods that incorporate her skills as a knitter with her knack for working with recycled wool and cashmere sweaters.

Betz is a great inspiration for all you folks at home hoping to break into the wonderful and challenging handmade goods market. So settle in with your latest project, and prepare to be inspired.

Below is a sampling of the pin cushions and blankets and book covers she's fashioned out of old sweaters.


Visit Betz's blog and find out how to order her creations here. Or better yet, stop by her booth at Craftstravaganza July 8 at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds.

This week's project is a Shibori Scarf tutorial by Betz. Scrounge up a an old wool sweater and get to work.

Loose Ends:

* And the winner of the "You Grow Girl: The Groundbreaking Guide to Gardening" book is .... Sandra Tournemille of British Columbia, Canada! Sandra edged out the competition by crafting her way through a wardrobe disaster. Instead of crying for days after her husband accidently washed her favorite angora hoodie, she just cried a little and then got out her scissors and got crafty. Read the story of how she survived the sweater tragedy with a little good, 'ol craft therapy. Congrats Sandra. Way to turn a bad situation around.

This beloved sweater...


became a vest, a pillow and a baby bonnet. Fantastic!


Emma Dines submitted another noteworthy entry -- a set of shelves she made from a discarded refrigerator door. This you have to see. Check it out!

fridgeshelf two

* The Red Thread Project: Visit my blog for photos and a short report about Friday's Red Thread Project performance in Grand Rapids.

IMG_0790Caroline Clark, 43, of Grand Rapids, was just one of the hundreds of people who participated in the June 30 Red Thread event. She's a cancer survivor who knitted four hats for the project.

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