CraftSanity Episode 3: John Murphy Socks It To Us


This week meet John Murphy the artist, illustrator, comic author and sock collector. John lives in Asheville, North Carolina where he makes stuffed monsters out of castoff socks.

No joke. You can send your socks to his home studio and he will make you a "stupid sock creature." Or, all you crafty types can make your own following the detailed instructions he published in his book: "Stupid Sock Creatures." (There's even a preview to "Crafting Disaster," a comic series he's working on with a friend at the end of the book.)


John studied illustration and ceramics at East Carolina University. After college he worked as a newsroom artist for the Wilmington Star News in North Carolina, and eventually took his art on the road to California where he worked in the ceramics industry. When a layoff left him jobless in 2003, he didn't stay idle for long. He quickly crafted himself a new gig. He learned to sew and started making monsters out of socks. Since then he estimates that he's stitched hundreds of them, and just recently hired an assistant to help keep up with the orders. This summer he even plans to hire an intern.

For more info on how to get a monster of your own, check out John Murphy's site. There you'll find more awesome creatures like the ones below.

Photos used courtesy of John Murphy.

Like what you see? Check back here for one of John's sock creature patterns. I'll be posting that as soon as I get it.

Feeling inspired to re-fabricate your worn out socks? Do it! It's really fun. I'm no John Murphy, but below is a photo of the creature I managed to create following the instructions in his book. Send me a photos of your sock creatures and I'll post them on CraftSanity.

I went from this: IMG_8184

To this:

I named him Detective Friday after the day I made him. I'm not sure where the "Detective" came from, but I'm very pleased that he can stand by himself. That happened by accident.

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