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CraftSanity Episode 25
Heidi Kenney Chats About Her World of Plush

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This week I’m going to bring you a chat with Heidi Kenney, the crafty woman behind the website and online shop My Paper Crane. She’s a hip 28-year-old, Baltimore-area artist making impressive plush creations. She’s a mother and maker who creates whatever she wants out of fabric.


From plush toast, tissues and trees, to super-sized tampon dolls, cabbage and cookies, Heidi can make it from scratch without a pattern.


A mix of attitude and humor, Heidi’s work is as impressive as it in funny. Not everyone can appreciate a smiling tampon doll, but she’s selling them like hotcakes. Aside from the buzz she’s created in online craft circles, Heidi was recently featured in a New York Times Magazine
article about artists and crafters selling their work online.

Oh look, she spins, too! Here are some of Heidi's one-of-a-kind yarns.


What to know more about Heidi? Read her blog and shop for fantastic creations here.


This week's project is a recipe from Heidi. This recipe calls for a wild sense of humor and a creative appreciation of toilet jokes. (Heidi makes toilets, too.)

* Awesome photos used courtsey of Heidi Kenney. (Thanks!)

Crafty Annoucement: Mark your calendars. The Detroit Urban Craft Fair is coming up Aug. 5 at the Majestic Theater in Detroit. Visit the website to learn more about this one-day alternative craft show, and check out the cool Handmade Detroit blog, too.

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