26 February 2006
CraftSanity Episode 6: Crafting Humor with Folk Singer Deirdre Flint

Take a walk on the wild and musical side with comedic folk singer Deirdre Flint, 38, of Phillidelphia, PA. She’s the creative woman who wrote the “The Boob Fairy” song that I played at the end of last week’s podcast. I love her sense of humor and wanted to find out more about the woman inspired to write this wonderfully satirical music.

Deirdre is a former elementary school teacher, turned musician who moonlights as a substitute teacher. She plays guitar, writes her own music and the best part is SHE’S EXTREMELY FUNNY! She has a knack for taking those unfortunate and seemingly innocuous moments of life and exaggerating them in her songs with wonderfully humorous results.

Besides her solo work, she tours as the bass player for The Four Bitchin’ Babes and likes to do crafts.

Tune in to this episode of CraftSanity to hear the story of how she got her start as a musician and hear her sage advice for the rest of us creative types who hope to someday find the courage to live an equally artistic life.

You can buy Deirdre's CDs, "The Shuffleboard Queens" and "Then Again" here or here or download them at the iTunes Music store. And check out the first couple episodes of her temporarily abandoned podcast, called Podcast Fondue.

Here's a postcard project to keep your hands busy while you listen to the interview with Deirdre.

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