The Winning Quilt…

by jennifer

the-winner.jpgI’m on a newspaper deadline, so I can’t linger here long. But I wanted to post a photo of this lovely art quilt called, “Lemonade Stand”by Marcy McAllister, of Allendale, Mich. Abby and I gave it a judge’s award on Saturday. Marcy used a photograph for inspiration, and I’m delighted to know the little people in the quilt are “real.” I appreciated Marcy’s attention to detail and enjoyed the fabrics she chose to give the pitcher of lemonade a transparent look and make those lawn chairs look they they just got pulled off the back deck.

It was very difficult to pick a winner as there were several that we loved, but this one spoke to me as the mother of two little girls. As a little girl who loves to play store with her sister, it seemed to speak to Abby, too.

I’ve never exhibited work at a quilt show, but I can fully appreciate how subjective it is. It’s possible to create the most technically amazing quilt ever, and still not connect with your audience. The best quilts speak to you when you walk by. I heard this one. At first glance I returned to my childhood and the mobile lemonade stand I operated out of  wagon one summer afternoon in suburban Detroit with a friend from around the block. Then, standing in front of this quilt holding my oldest daughter’s hand I  skipped forward in my life to picture my girls operating a stand in our front yard next summer. I love a quilt that can take me places. Thanks for the trip, Marcy. Nice job.

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