Quilting On The Edge of the High Dive

by jennifer

OK, so I just have two more big steps before my public swan dive. In 14 days, I have to turn in my finished ArtPrize entry to be installed on the wall at the David D. Hunting YMCA in Grand Rapids.

There is still plenty left to do, but I’m going to make my deadline. I will.

I sewed the last flower applique to its backing fabric yesterday afternoon. The only reason my hair is brushed in the photo above is because I started sewing after I got back from doing a live TV segment, which also explains the T-shirt. I don’t usually gear up in logo attire to sew. Really.

Today I finished weaving all the thread tails to the back side of the fabric and now I’m pausing for a few cleansing breaths before the quilting starts.

I’m going to use a variation of this method to baste all five panels and then sew late into the night today and tomorrow to finish the quilting.  While I’m sewing I will be thinking about binding color choices. Right now I’m planning to bind each flower panel individually. I think this will make life easier for me and the person who hangs the exhibit. And at this point, I’m all for making life easier.

I’m also soaking up tips for making quilt display sleeves here. (I hang my mini art quilts from an inspiration wire in my living room using tiny wooden clothes pins, so I usually skip the sleeve-making and move on to the next quilt.)

It’s time to get back to work. I’ll post another progress report soon. In the meantime can someone do me a favor and start filling up the pool? Thanks, I really appreciate it.  :  )

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