CraftSanity Episode 207: Talking sineaters, freaks, womanhood and making bold political statements with ArtPrize 2017 illustrator, Patricia Constantine

by jennifer

Photo credit Jonathan D. Lopez

By Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood

Educated women with opinions have always made some folks a little uncomfortable. And when you throw older, educated women with art skills into the mix, the feather ruffling possibilities seem to quadruple.

Meet Patricia Constantine, a professor of Illustration at Kendall College of Art and Design in Grand Rapids, Michigan, who entered a piece titled “Sineater” in the 2017 ArtPrize competition. Although, her work didn’t make the ArtPrize finalist list, it did make a bold statement about American politics and education. In the bold work that depicts President Donald Trump and Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, mother of ArtPrize founder Rick DeVos, Constantine raises questions about the Trump Administration and explores her own guilt over teaching students, many who are struggling in a sea of debt to stay in her class.

Constantine’s entry is on display at the Collins Art Gallery at Grand Rapids Community College.

Constantine was able to converse with several people who visited her venue during ArtPrize and realizes that not all gallery guests will embrace her message. One man said he expected the creator of her piece to be much younger. She also said she found it difficult to get local media coverage while she was doing interviews with reporters in New York and Detroit. This can be frustrating, but Constantine takes all this in stride and plans to keep making political art.

“No, I will not behave,” she said.  “I’m a 61-year-old woman without a filter.”

Tune in to hear her story.

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