CraftSanity Podcast Episode 215: Katrina Rodabaugh discusses her forthcoming book, ‘Mending Matters’

by jennifer

Photos courtesy of Katrina Rodabaugh

Remember when mending had a bad rap and sporting a patch on your knee outed  you as being anything but a fashionista? Well, in fairness, I’m pretty sure “fashionista” wasn’t even a word way back when I was kid blowing out the knees of my off-brand jeans. Patches were stiff back then and certainly not an indicator of one’s cool factor.

Thankfully, times have changed dramatically and mending is both relaxing and hip.

Enter Katrina Rodabaugh fiber artist and author of the forthcoming book, “Mending Matters: Stitch, Patch, and Repair Your Favorite Denim & More.” Rodabaugh is one of the zen stitchers on the front lines of this important and gentle movement that bucks the trend of overconsumption and throw-away fashion.

In 2013, within months of the horrifying garment factory fire in Bangladesh, Rodabaugh began a fashion fast called Make Thrift Mend  “to focus on mending, plant dyes, and prioritizing handmade or secondhand garments instead of buying new clothing.” She also grows, forages, and harvests dye plants near her farmhouse in the Hudson Valley.

You’ll have to wait until October for release of Rodabaugh’s book, but you can listen to her talk about it on this episode of the CraftSanity Podcast. During our chat she also shares a bit about her creative roots, moving across the country and harvesting dye plants near her farm in the Hudson Valley. (Note: This might be a good time for you, dear listeners, to grab a needle and thread and make a dent in the ol’ mending pile while you listen. : )


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