CraftSanity will be returning to its regular schedule soon

by jennifer

Hello everyone.

I apologize for falling off the weekly podcast schedule. As some of you know, I’ve been busy slimming down for a first person fitness series that I’ve been writing for my newspaper and teaching a journalism class at the local university. Things are going to be pretty crazy for another couple weeks and then I’ll be free to craft and podcast like there’s no tomorrow. Thank you all for your patience. I’m going to get my crafty act together ASAP. Many thanks to those of you who have written to inquire about my intentions and whereabouts. I’m happy and healthy and can’t wait to chat with all of you weekly again. Thanks for your patience. I’m coming back. I promise.


In the meantime, I would like to share some exciting news. Not only am I 21.5 lbs. lighter than I was at Christmas, I was quoted in an article about hip crafting in the April issue of Vogue Australia. I feel like (a very small-time) David Hasselhoff because, like Hasselhoff, I’m not that big of a deal in the United States,


but abroad I’m getting a little publicity. As a woman who is most often sporting a pony tail, running shoes and absolutely no make-up, it was quite a kick to get a mention on p. 204 of this fabulous fashion publication. Hasselhoff can be popular in Germany. I’m going to stake my crafty claim on Australia. Aussie crafters rock!

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