My UnPlanned CraftSanity Hiatus Will Be Ending Soon

by jennifer

Hi there. I’m on deadline for my next craft column right now, but wanted to write a quick post to let you know that I’m okay and planning to release a new podcast soon.

There’s been tons to blog about including my fabric yo-yo craze, but I’ve been very busy with family and work commitments. And I’ve been building a lot of peg looms lately, too. (Thank you!) I spent a lot time this weekend weaving, and boy was that nice. I’m planning a charity apron contest (more details to follow later this week) and I’ve also been training and racing with my 25K Road Warrior team.

Yesterday I competed in my first indoor triathlon and now I’m hooked on the multi-sport challenge. So I’ve been taking some time for myself, too. We all need to have some fun adventures every now and then. I’ll be back posting here this week. I’ve really missed you guys. Cheers, Jennifer

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