Running with Reeses

by jennifer

This guy’s next. Abby says his name is “Tooby.” Not “Toby.” “Tooby.” I made my mom a little kit so she can stitch this design, too. We gave it to her yesterday when we visited my family in suburban Detroit, and today Abby asked her on the phone: “Did you stitch my monster yet?”

I really am having the best time stitching my 3-year-old’s monster designs because this project appeals to me on several levels. It not only preserves this chapter of Abby’s life as a budding creative type, but it also gives me a chance to elevate her work from crayon and paper to something a little more permanent. And I think that makes her feel good about the art she’s making. (Yes, we call crayon drawings art in our house.)

On the fitness front, I ran 5.25 miles today. It was tricky to squeeze it into the schedule, but boy did it feel good. When I became a semi-serious, born-again athlete last year, I realized very quickly that I feel a lot better when I run or swim or do some other form of cardio activity.

My weekly milage is a fragment of where it should be, but I’m hoping to ramp things up with a long run this weekend and keep the dream of completing my second consecutive 25K alive. Then, maybe I’ll attempt my second consecutive GR Marathon, only this time a little faster…. or maybe a little slower. The insane part of me wants to throw knitting into the mix and go after the Guiness record for knitting while running a marathon and try to raise some serious money for charity while making a loon of myself. With the right yarn and maybe some Addi Turbos, I think that could be really fun.

So, I was good today and ran like I’m supposed to, only to load up on chocolate after dinner. Alas, the post title: Running with Reeses. I’m sorry about the calories, but I’m not sorry at all about the taste. Chocolate is fabulous.

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