Deadlines & Declarations: I’m Back Off the Sauce (Pepsi).

by jennifer

After a humbling weight training session today, I’ve decided to stop sabotaging myself by tipping back an obscene amount of Coke and Pepsi. I lost weight. I toned up. I felt powerful. And then I went back on the sauce, or “black juice” as Abby calls it. Thankfully, I haven’t gained the weight back, but I did get comfortable and let my fitness level backslide and that’s annoying.

I’ve been using caffeinated sugar water to jump-start my day with 150 junk calories every morning since I switched to an early shift a couple months ago and have been slurping additional cans down to get through the day. Now the weights are feeling heavy at the gym. So, today I got ticked and decided to get off the sauce again and recommit to maintaining a high level of fitness. I worked hard to get my mojo back. That last thing I want to do is drink it away. I don’t care how sweet that cola tastes. It is my enemy.

Today’s workout was difficult and it should not have been. I’m very gratful for this wakeup call.

On the craft front, I met the proposal deadline for the “Yarn-bombing” book and hope lots of you submitted projects, too. I’m not too worried about how that shakes out. Whether my project is included or not, I’m interested in graffiti knitting and the public response. I write up directions for a craft column every week, but I’ve never submitted a project for a book or magazine before, so that was a new experience and new experiences are good, right?

I plan to do some podcast editing tomorrow, so I’ll be back with another episode soon.

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