I’m gonna “TRI.”

by jennifer

gomom2.jpgIn addition to all the crafty stuff I’ve been doing lately, I’ve been quietly spinning yet another plate…

Lean in.

I’m plotting my big triathlon debut. It’s nuts. I know.

Some may argue that I’m too busy to train, too busy to compete and maybe even too old to start dreaming about a miraculous Ironman finish. I’m a smart woman, so intellectually I can process all the reasons why I should keep trying to resist the urge to take on this physical challenge. But I’m also a very determined woman who believes life is too short to miss an opportunity to explore what’s possible. I don’t want to get to the end and wonder “what if.”

So, today I bit the bullet and finally bought a bike. This was supposed to be my reward last summer for completing my first century ride on my mountain bike. (I don’t recommend ever riding a heavy mountain bike that far.) But I kept putting off the purchase, thinking perhaps I would outgrow my tri-obsession. But waiting didn’t work. I’m still obsessed with stepping up to this next challenge.

I swim. I run. I kind of know how to bike. How hard can a tri be? Well I’m about to find out.

Game on, my friends. It’s time to get serious… about sporting padded bike shorts and expensive shoes with metal clips attached that make walking a real chore.

I have plenty more to write on this topic, but I’ll try to serve it up in small doses. My first order of business is make some knitted grips to dress up my handle bars. Yep, that’s right. While the super-fast ladies are trying to drop weight and make their bikes as fast as possible. I’m drinking Pepsi and stitching wool bike cozies to trick out my ride. I might not be the fastest out there, but if I do this my way, I just might get to have the most fun.

Have any of you ever yarn-bombed your bikes or completed a triathlon? Share your story below.

* Sublime Stitiching Giveaway Update: I contacted the winners, but forgot to share this information with the rest of you. Sorry about that. Congrats to Juliann K. of Cary, N.C, Jen C. of Huntington Beach, Calif., Beth W. of Glendale, Calif. and Tanya M. of Port Orchard, Wash. Each lucky lady won two Sublime Stitching iron-on pattern packs. Thanks to everyone who entered the contest, I enjoyed reading all your comments. If you missed my interview with Jenny Hart, be sure to check out CraftSanity podcast episode 77.

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