CraftSanity Episode 211: An inside look at the art of handcrafted watercolors with Josie, owner of RedwoodWillow

by jennifer

Photos courtesy of RedwoodWillow

Shortly after her boyfriend gifted her a cheap set of watercolors, Josie professional life took off in a whole new direction. A curious woman with DIY tendencies, Josie – who studied graphic design and video production in college – was soon buying ingredients and experimenting with her own watercolor paint recipes. While her earliest batches were not instant hits, she soon was creating quality watercolors and had more than she could use herself.

Within months of her first experiments, Josie, was selling her own brand of watercolors under the name RedwoodWillow. On this episode of the podcast Josie shares the story of how she built her business as a side gig and now operates it full-time from the living room of her Connecticut home.

At age 26, Josie is putting in long hours at her handmade business and loving it while still reserving a little time to practice watercolor painting skills.

Check out Josie’s “handcrafted watercolors for the most passionate of artists” on her website. I ordered the sample card which sells for less than $10 and offers and affordable way to out this lush and fancy paint. : )

Take a listen to the interview.

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