CraftSanity Podcast Episode 210: A chat with Drew Sheneman, political cartoonist and picture book author and illustrator

by jennifer

On this episode of the podcast we’ll go behind the scenes of the fascinating art career of Drew Sheneman, a nationally syndicated political cartoonist who started writing and illustrating children’s picture books a couple years ago.

Drew and I met in college when he was killing it as the staff editorial cartoonist at CM Life, the school newspaper where we both worked at Central Michigan University. While I lived in the newsroom, Drew worked at a drawing table set up at his home and would quietly drop off his award-winning cartoons and make a beeline for the door. This podcast is a our first conversation since we graduated in 1998 and definitely the longest conversation we have ever had. (Ha!)

Although Drew was often a man of few words during his newsroom visits, all the reporters and editors at our student newspaper knew that we were lucky to have our college careers overlap his because Drew was able to draw well-informed, professional quality cartoons long before he graduated and headed East to become a staff editorial cartoonist at New Jersey’s largest newspaper,The Star-Ledger at age 23.

Tune in the listen to Drew talk about his creative process and what it’s like to spend so much time drawing the likes of Chris Christie and Donald Trump. In contrast, we also discuss his first book, “Nope: A Tale of First Flight” that was published a year ago and his forthcoming book about a young girl who helps a bear adjust to life in the wild, “Don’t Eat That.”

Check out Drew’s editorial cartoons here and see his illustration work on his site. You can follow him on Instagram, too.

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