CraftSanity Episode 223: A conversation with Diana Weymar, creator of the Tiny Pricks Project public art project featuring hundreds of vintage linens embroidered with Trump quotes

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Tiny Pricks Project creator, Diana Weymar, with her collection of vintage textiles embellished with Trump quotes. The collection of public art, curated by Weymar, is on display at Lingua Franca, a shop featuring hand-embroidered cashmere sweaters in New York’s West Village.
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When Donald Trump called himself “a very stable genius” in January of 2018, many of found his comment a bit stunning in ways that seemed to exceed the threshold of his usual tweet storms of outlandish remarks.

This is the first Tiny Prick embroidery by the project creator and curator, Diana Weymar. She stitched Trump’s stunning works onto an abandoned piece of her grandmother’s embroidery from the 1960s. Photo courtesy of Diana Weymar.[/caption]

Artist and activist Diana Weymar was one of many artists who took note of Trump’s “stable genius” pronouncement and got inspired to stitch his comment onto an abandoned piece of her grandmother’s needlework from the 1960s.

The piece generated a strong response after she posted it online and the Tiny Pricks public art project was born. Since Jan. 2018, hundreds of Trump quotes have been stitched onto vintage textiles by Weymar and her many contributors around the globe.

[caption id="attachment_11515" align="alignright" width="951"] Tiny Prick submission by Shannon D. Banks documenting Trump’s responses to allegations of sexual assault.
Photo courtesy of Diana Weymar.

The Tiny Pricks Project collection, that now includes more than 600 embroidered vintage textiles, is on display at Lingua Franca’s West Village store, at 382 Bleecker, where many of the pieces can be viewed en masse through Sept. 3, 2019. (This is the story the produces and sells those really cool embroidered cashmere sweaters.)

Tune in to this episode of the podcast to hear Weymar tell the story behind the project and find out how you can get involved and help her meet her goal to collect 2,020 embroidered pieces by 2020.

This presidency has been difficult for many to process. Follow the Tiny Pricks Project on Instagram. It might help.

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