CraftSanity on JTV: Make Wrapping Paper With Foliage Crayon Rubbings

by jennifer

Hi folks! I’m a guest on this week’s webisode of JTV, a fun floral design show hosted by my friend, J Schwanke, flower expert and CEO of uBloom. Tune in to watch us make wrapping paper using crayons and tropical foliage. This is an easy, all-ages project for everyone who loves crafting with nature and crayons.

If you want to make your own wrapping paper, read on for some basic instructions…


* Roll of craft paper
* Crayons
* Leaves (if you don’t have access to tropical plants, use whatever foliage you have in your yard or can find at your local flower stand or farmers market.)
* Masking tape
* Yarn or twin to embellish package

Step 1) Gather up some leaves. If using large tropical foliage, cut the stems off so the leaves will lay flat.

Step 2) Arrange the leaves vein side up on a flat work surface and cover with a piece of craft paper. Tape paper to your work surface to hold it in place while you work.

Step 3) Color over the leaves with crayons to create rubbings of each leaf. For best results, color slightly beyond the edges of each leaf.

Step 4) Repeat rubbings until your paper is filled.

Step 5) Wrap your package and embellish with a piece of yarn or twine.


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