Video Tutorial: How to amass a colorful yarn stash by buying just one skein

by jennifer

I’ve been doing a lot of mini tapestry weaving lately and realized early on that although I have a boatload of yarn, I didn’t have as much color variety in my yarn stash as my projects required.

That’s when I stumbled upon all the colorful yarn cakes that are popping up in the yarn sections at my local big box craft stores. In and effort to build my color palette without breaking the bank or filling my house with more yarn I don’t have room for, I decide to buy a few of these colorful cakes and deconstruct them. I found that I could get about 12 colors out of each nearly 600-yard skein.

I’m so happy to have built up my palette this way that I asked my husband to film a video of me demonstrating my nerdy process. You can check out the video below.

Happy Weaving!

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