New year, new CraftSanity weaving video tutorials

by jennifer

Happy New Year!

While some were living it up on New Year’s Eve, my husband Jeff and I were shooting a couple more very low budget, one-take wonder CraftSanity weaving tutorials. If they seem a bit rough, please consider the fact that the ball actually dropping while we were recording and kindly cut us a little slack. Ha!

Oh, and please don’t believe me when I say something in the bracelet video about how I’m usually doing other things when I weave. The true part is that I do watch streaming videos while I weave, but I do not drive while weaving as my comment ridiculously implies. I meant to say that I weave while riding in the car on the passenger side, but I think I said that I weave while driving in the car which sounds like I’m some kind of careless, wacko extreme weaver who endangers people. I want to be clear that I would never want to weave behind the wheel because that would be absolute foolishness and completely dangerous. The only reason I didn’t remove the comment is because I couldn’t bring myself to ask my husband to re-edit the video after he spent New Years Eve with his arms cramping up while he patiently shot these tutorials. I figured you guys would realize it was one of my classic verbal flubs, but we’ll see. So far, no one is calling me out on it. I figured it would be best to get out in front of this ridiculousness just in case.

Phew. Now that I’ve explained all this stuff probably no one cares about, I think I might be able to sleep.

Oh, and I should probably include a bit about the new videos – the whole point of this post. You can watch my tutorial on how to weave on the CraftSanity Circular Looms above and the tutorial that covers CraftSanity Bracelet Weaving techniques (and my outlandish comment about weaving in cars) is below. And if you just can’t get enough, you can watch more than a dozen more of my weaving videos in this collection and check out my whole DIY video tutorial archive here. The full line of CraftSanity looms are available in the CraftSanity Etsy shop.

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Happy waeaving!

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