Hexagons in Bloom: More ArtPrize Stitching

by jennifer

This bloom was made with a necktie that once belonged to Lewis William Seidman. It was sent to me by his niece, Allison Aller, who happens to be a very talented quilter. She heard about the project through a friend and thought her “Uncle Bill” would have been pleased to have his power tie in the quilt. It was so fun to open the package and find this whale tie from Nantucket inside. (Great pick, Allison!)

I’m going to be posting loads of hexagon blooms on the blog in the coming days because I will be cranking them out fast for ArtPrize. There’s nothing like crafting on deadline. I made three blooms today before leaving to do an interview and then another quick one when I got back. And there will be plenty more tonight. I’m on a roll, my friends, and stitching reinforcements are on the way. (You rock, Cyd!)

Okay, I better get back to work.

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