Checking In With a New Race Apron

by jennifer

Happy holidays, everyone! I’ve been blog silent for a bit spending every free moment sewing this sparkly new race apron. When I suit up in it for tomorrow’s 4-mile Resolution Run through East Grand Rapids, I’m going to look like I got jumped by Richard Simmons on the way to a bake-off.  But we only live once, so I figure I might as  well make it memorable. I’ll be running the race with my teammates on the Fifth Third River Bank Run Road Warrior team, so I’m pretty excited. (I’m not sure what my teammates think about my apron fetish, but I hope it spreads.)

If you’re local, come out and run with us. (Aprons are optional.) I don’t like racing in the cold, but I’m planning to have some fun out there. Now I just have to get some sleep. I’m so bad about the sleep part of my training.

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