Getting A Free Art Education @ArtPrize

by jennifer

My daughters ran down Sheldon Ave. NE in Grand Rapids, Mich., to get to “Imagine That!” ArtPrizeentry located on the exterior wall of the Grand Rapids Children’s  Museum.

We were on our spontaneous post-ballet class, pre-ArtPrize adventure and this was our first opportunity to explore the mural by Chicago artist, Tracy Van Duinen on foot. The piece includes includes small paintings created by children and adults in West Michigan.

Once in front of this bricolage mural, my daughters began to spontaneously count tiles and point to their favorite colors. I love the way kids soak up everything they see and have no qualms about shouting, “Wow! I love it!” It’s so different than the reserved way many adults react to art.

ArtPrize kicks off in a matter of hours. If you’re interested in sharing the story behind your entry, say the word.


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