Way Late To The Party, But Still Loved The Show: New Collection From The Pinafore Print Collective Is A Hit With This Sewing Machine-Revving, Apron Lover

by jennifer

It took me weeks, but I finally made it to The Sparrows, a lovely little “coffee, tea, newsstand” here in Grand Rapids, Mich. to see the latest Pinafore Print Collective show, “Feminine Products.”

We were barely inside when Abby and Amelia found a stash of kid toys by the front door. I’m telling you, those Sparrows folks are really thinking. That little toy shelf and the Eric Carle lady bug puzzle in particular bought me about 6 minutes of peace to look at the prints by Alynn Guerra, Rebecca Rodriguez and Sarah Scott. And what a great 6 minutes. The prints were so worth waiting to see. It was fun to check out how the Pinafore Print Collective “defines and defies” feminine products and I’m intrigued by the imagery that can often mean one thing to the artist and something else to the person who buys the art.

The wall of $15 mini-prints features everything from brass knuckles to brass thimbles and was great to take in. The photo above doesn’t do it justice, so go check it out in person if you’re local. And, yes, you absolutely can buy a print off the wall, which is awesome. The artists replenish what sells and don’t mind making multiple trips to restock.

I stopped by the show at dinner time and couldn’t stay long, so I decided to take a piece of the show home with me. I bought Rebecca’s print called “Pinafores.” (See very top photo.) It’s probably pretty obvious why it spoke to me. :  ) I had to cut myself off after that because I wanted several more, including this one:

Here’s the scoop if you want to go check it out:

What: Pinafore Print Collective presents: Feminine Products
Where: The Sparrows Coffee, Tea, and Newsstand, 1035 Wealthy St. SE, Grand Rapids
When: Exhibit open 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Mon.-Fri. and 9 a.m. -10 p.m. through Aug. 31.

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