B-Day Mail Of Very The Best Kind

by jennifer

Some folks don’t like to talk about their age, but I’m quite proud of mine. I’ve managed to survive 33 years on the planet as of yesterday and I feel very good about that stat, especially given the random chaos of this world. And I quite enjoy sharing the day with the anniversary of the historic moon walk that happened way “before my time.” Ha! I’m not that old.

Seriously, I’m quite content to be 33. I don’t feel older, really. I’m just enjoying a little more seniority on the planet and accumulating more life experience that will hopefully keep me alive for at least another 100 years. By then I figure my body will have had a chance to catch up with my old soul.

One of the highlights of my big day was getting a package from Nancy Minsky containing the denim apron she designed for the CraftSanity apron tutorial. It looks so much cuter than the one I made last week. Thanks, Nancy! Your timing was fantastic!

The biggest surprise of day came from a woman named Joyce from Jenison, Mich. We had met briefly during a mega sale at a local fabric shop when Joyce and her sister were hunting for apron fabric. I tend to talk to strangers routinely, especially in craft supply stores, so the fact that I launched in to a mini-chat with Joyce was not really anything out of the ordinary.

Then, months later Joyce decided to reduce her stash of vintage aprons and sent me a box containing several lovely aprons she collected over the years. I was impressed by the gesture and oh, so, happy. What a great birthday surprise! I put the aprons up on my unauthorized clothesline and snapped a few pictures this evening and will enjoy wearing them and using them to adorn my home.

I called Joyce after the photo shoot to thank her and we had a long and lovely conversation. It’s funny how a random meeting at the fabric store can lead to a series of events culminating in a box of vintage loveliness on my kitchen table. I love it when I get fun mail. Especially on my birthday. Thank you, ladies!

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