Crocheting On Deadline: A Pay-Off No Matter What

by jennifer

greencrochet.jpgEven before I interviewed the Knittas back on episode 10 of my humble little podcast, I wanted to be one of them. I imagine that it would be super fun to get together with some other passionate knitters and crocheters, stitch up some great fabric and cozies and take to the streets in the dark of night, leaving behind a fabulous wake of adorned telephone poles, trees, parking meters, car antennas and more. I want to wrap anything that doesn’t move in removable yarn fabric. Why? Because it’s harmless fun (as long as you’re smart about it and don’t trespass or adorn while nude or intoxicated, etc.). It’s smile-inducing, public art. And I LOVE smile-inducing, public art.

So this desire to adorn trees and cars and statues with knitted and crocheted fabric has burned within me for a couple years now and I have not acted on it once even though I want to really bad. So, of course, when I got the e-mail from Leanne Prain about the submissions she’s taking for the book (“Yarn-bombing, the Art of Knit Graffiti”) she is co-authoring with Mandy Moore, I knew I wanted in.

Never mind the fact that I don’t consider myself a pattern designer and that I’m just a wannabe yarn bomber. Prain’s e-mail inspired me to commence work on a little knit and crochet project that I co-designed with Abby. (Yes, I’m talking about my 4-year-old daughter. If my pattern gets accepted it will be all because of her. She amazes me when it comes to this stuff. She’s able to bring design input to the table and she can’t even read yet.)

And even if my pattern doesn’t get accepted, I will finally have a finished piece to go publicly display. And that’s totally rad. The deadline for submissions is May 30. That’s Friday, folks, so get to work. I needed this deadline to make my graffiti knitting/crocheting dream a reality. So it’s doesn’t really matter what happens next. I’m just happy to be creating some public art. So, get ready Grand Rapids. This is going to be interesting.

bike.jpgOn the cycling front… I took another ride today and LOVE my bike. Now that I know how to shift , I’m finally enjoying the ride. (Thank you, kind Village Bike shop guy.) I’m itching to get out for nice long cruise, but won’t get to do that until the weekend. I’m still a little wobbly on the tri-bars, but I feel comfortable when I get into a racing position and use them. Now I just have to get enough safe trail miles in so I can get to the point where I feel confident using them. That day will come I’m sure.

Tomorrow, I hope to try out the trainer I borrowed from the kind and sporty husband of a friend. If the trainer works for me, I’m going to order my own so I can ride in my living room while watching movies with my girls. I swear multi-tasking is the only way to be a sporty mom.

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