A few things before I get back to work…

by jennifer

Wow, it’s Thursday already. How did that happen? I overbooked and this week totally got away from me. The good news is that I still found time to cook, read, and run in addition to my usual work load. There was no time to waste this week and that was probably a good thing.

Now that I’m back at my computer, I want to thank all of the lovely people who left comments on my last post about getting to keep my newspaper column. I really appreciate all the support and encouragement. Thank you!

I had been dreading having to write my last newspaper column this week. Instead, I ended up working on three columns which was challenging to fit into the schedule, but a very nice problem to have. These are some wild times, my friends, but things seem to be working out.

We Have a Winner! I didn’t intend to make you wait to hear who won the “Sweet Shawlettes” giveaway, my apologies for prolonging the suspense. The Random Number Generator selected Ellen Margulies. (Congrats, Ellen!) If any of you missed my podcast interview with the book author, Jean Moss, you can find it here.

I have more podcasts in the hopper. If you’d like to sponsor one, please get in touch. Rates and info are available here. You’ll find advertising info for the CraftSanity Magazine at the same link, so check out the rates and say the word if you want to be part of any upcoming CraftSanity projects.

Work on the spring issue of CraftSanity is ramping up. I’m still looking for more projects to feature this spring and summer. So let me know if you have a fabulous design up your sleeve. I love working with new designers and can’t wait to hear your ideas.

Oh, and after years of making chili with ground turkey and doing my best to avoid the meat when filling my own bowl, I made veggie chili for the first time last night and LOVED it. This was a no brainer and long overdue as I seem to be developing an aversion to food with a face. (This has been going on for several years.) I will post my recipe as soon as I get a chance to take some nice photos. Natural light is my favorite, but it doesn’t help me when I’m trying to shoot photos of dinner on dark winter evenings.

Ok, I have to go whip up some samples with Amelia for tomorrow’s craft segment on WZZM Channel 13’s “Take Five” morning show. I’ll be back soon with some tasty recipes and fun projects.

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