My Instagram Addiction Is One I Have No Plans To Kick

by jennifer

This was one of those lucky shots. It’s not a great photo, but it’s one of those funny photos that is all about timing. I happened to have my iPhone nearby when my cat, Justine, decided to start poking her paw through the giant weaving project I’ve been working to remove from my looms.

At first it was just her paw poking through, so I grabbed my camera to capture her antics. And then she poked her whole head through which was absolutely hilarious. I had to reweave the corner of the square she bothered, but it was worth the laughs. Justine is a character with great taste in crafts. She seems to enjoy getting tangled up in what we’re making around here.

I posted the photo in Instagram, a photo sharing service I started using almost daily last month. I can’t say enough great things about this app that allows users to upload photos, apply fun filters and share them with the world. I really enjoy it.

However, I do wish the program allowed users to watermark their photos. (I use ImageWell to watermark photos on my blog.) I also wish I had a tiny waterproof camera that I could bring along when I run. I see so much cool stuff when I’m out running and I would love to be able to snap photos along the way without having to carry my phone. (Let me know if any of you know of a cool camera that would fit the bill.)

If you want to check out my Instagram photos, you can follow me under the name “CraftSanity.” I’ll post a couple more below, so you can get a flavor of what I post. (Don’t worry, I keep the cat photos to a minimum.)

I posted the photo above yesterday as I’ve been drilling a lot lately. I got a bad batch of ¬†loom frames a while back with holes too small for the pegs I pound in, so I’ve been re-drilling them to fit the pegs. It’s annoying work, but it made for an interesting photo. It’s such a beautiful thing to be able to capture images documenting how we spend our days. I wish I had images like this from my childhood.

I shot this weaving photo in my driveway last weekend. Before I started removing all the fabric the kids wove off the looms, I couldn’t resist a photo shoot in natural light. I love the randomness of the squares and the way they look in mass. The neighbors seemed to like it, too, and came across the street to get a closer look. I love it when art draws people in.

I use Instragram most often to document the stuff I’m making on a daily basic and I share the images on Twitter. It’s fun. You should try it if you haven’t yet.

Ok, I have to get back to work. Have a great day!

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