Queen Anne’s Lace: Nature’s Doilies

by jennifer

Tonight I’m working on my column while Jeff edits the Maker Faire Detroit highlight video we shot yesterday. In the meantime check out the view of the West Michigan sky in the evening looking up through a bloom of Queen Anne’s Lace.


I admit I’m procrastinating. This is what I often do when I’m supposed to be writing. But sometimes a little procrastination can be a good thing. I live my life in fast forward most of the time. I rush from one thing to the next and rarely slow down. And since I’m usually always doing something, I like to make a point every now and then to stop and do a 360 and soak up the beauty around me.

I’m intrigued by Queen Anne’s Lace and the amazing way they unfurl their tiny blooms into a collective masterpiece.

Today I made a point to invite my daughters over to inspect the plant and gaze up through it at the sky. They each kindly took a quick look to humor me and went back to playing on the slide. Funny. That’s probably exactly what I would have done at their age.

Regardless, I love this amazing plant on which loads of tiny blooms form a giant saucer-sized mass. The blooms remind me of all the tiny stitches that make up crochet doilies which I also LOVE.

Have any of you pressed this lovelies? I’ve been wanting to put some in my flower press for a while, but haven’t had the heart to cut any of them down. Maybe tomorrow…

P.S. I recorded a sewing podcast today to release ASAP. Let me know if you’re interested in being an episode sponsor.

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