A Little More Stitching Before I Go… and a Seattle Meetup Update (Sort of)

by jennifer

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m heading West for the Conference for Creative Entrepreneurs in a couple days. There’s lots to do before I board the plane, but I took a break from spinning plates for a bit to work on a super important project for my daughters.

I’ve been working on a set of stuffed cats called the “Recycled Sisters” from an Indygo Junction pattern by Amy Barickman. The pattern was an impulse buy when I was out shopping for dress fabric for a dress I still might whip up before the trip. (I had some birthday money that has been burning a hole in my pocket since July and this crafty girl just couldn’t wait any longer to spend it.)

I usually make my girls stuffed pals based on pictures they draw, but this has been a fun change of pace. I used fabric I had around the house and finally found an appropriate use for a totally wild, wool blazer that I rescued from Goodwill a while back. I felted it long ago, and was thrilled to finally cut it up to use as backing fabric for the cats. I turned the large front blazer pockets into cat sleeping bags just in time for tonight’s bedtime festivities. Oh, and we made cat dresses out of thrifted sweeter sleeves, too. So the Recycled Sisters are coming along. Abby and Amelia have requested PJs for their cats next, so I’ll try to whip up some quickly tomorrow… Something tells me that my dress project is going to have to wait.

MEET ME IN SEATTLE: Those who know me well, know I often fly by the seat of my pants. In keeping with that, I have yet to settle on a time and place for a Seattle meetup for CraftSanity listeners.

This could be because I’m half-expecting to be sitting in a booth somewhere by myself knitting during said meetup, which would be kind of a bummer.

Anyway, I’ll be in Seattle by dinner time Thursday and would love to have a little craft gathering for any CraftSanity folks interested in getting together Thursday evening.

Since I don’t have a plan ironed out as of yet, your best bet is to check back here and follow me on twitter for updates. If you have any suggestions or just want to let me know that you’re interested in attending a meetup, please contact me.

I really can’t wait to meet the great people who have made what I do possible. You folks are the reason I got invited to Seattle. Thank you!

Have a great night, everyone! More soon.

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