Catching Up: Evidence that I talk way too much and other obvious things

by jennifer

I can’t believe it’s Saturday already. This week has been a complete blur. Here’s a recap:

* I sold more looms this week than I expected to, so I’ve been busy making more. (A special thank you to my lovely customers. You folks rock!) This uptick in sales comes at a good time because layoff notices have started to go out at the newspaper where my husband works and I remain a freelance columnist. These are some very sad and challenging times for journalists, so I’m so very grateful to have small, alternative revenue streams to help keep things going here at the CraftSanity Headquarters. Even though the decline of the newspaper industry is devastating to watch, I believe that good things will happen for all of us print journalism veterans who are pushing hard to reinvent ourselves and pursue our dreams with a renewed sense of urgency.

On a happier note, I’m also working on introducing some looms in cherry and maple woods very soon. So pretty, I can’t wait!

* My Fifth Third River Bank Run 25K training is going well except for the fact that I’m still drinking Pepsi. I’m telling you that “black juice” (as Abby used to call it) has a hold on me. In the good news category, I pushed my long run mileage up to 8 miles and it felt good. (I’m adding a mile each week.) And I’m spending quality time in the lap pool two to three days a week. LOVE that YMCA lap pool! I’m a better mama after I swim. Very hungry, too.

* This week I did some bead embroidery on my latest Posted Stitches quilt. (An early progress shot is at the top of this post.) Bev and I are doing are best to get back on track with our art quilt challenges after an extended hiatus. Expect to see some evidence of that soon.

* Speaking of evidence… Allison Rosen kindly invited me to be a guest on her quilting podcast called “Within a Quarter Inch” and let me set a record for most consecutive minutes of rambling about oneself. This is all the evidence you need to know that if there was a gold medal given for marathon jibber jabber, I’m qualified to represent the U.S. My word. The podcast is super long and feels like one of my extended after shows, the part of my podcast where I wax poetic (ramble) about whatever is going on in my life. Allison is entertaining and funny, so we had a great time.

It was both humbling and flattering to get to be a guest on another craft podcast, but I’m definitely more comfortable hosting a show as opposed to starring in one. Of course, it’s good to reverse those roles every now and then to fully appreciate what I put my guests through. : ) You can hear my chat with Allison here and you can subscribe to her podcast via iTunes to learn more about Allison’s adventures in quilting. (Thanks for your hospitality, Allison!)

* I neglected to mention this before, but Hannah B., the crafty southern belle over at B’s Wig Shoppe interviewed me a while back and posted a Q&A on her cool blog. You can read it here. (Thanks Miss. B!)  Make sure you check out her other posts, too, because her blog is super fun. I especially love the interview she did with her mom. What a great idea, now I want to interview my mom.

*Which reminds me that I’ve taken way too long to show you what my dad has been crafting to pass the time since losing his job in the auto industry. (It’s amazing how much journalists and auto workers have in common these days.) Anyway, my dad started out making shovel people and has moved into making lovely jewelry out of vintage silverware. (My sister, Jacquie, helps him sell his pieces on Etsy.) I want to support his creative venture and thought I had stumbled upon a major score at Goodwill last week. I spotted a boatload of forks and spoons in a bin and greedily loaded them all into my cart as I speed-dialed my dad. About the time he answered I realized that I had just pounced on a pile of stainless steal, not the classic silver utensils he uses to make jewelry. Darn. Back in the bin it all went.

* Podcast update: I’m working on a podcast featuring multi-talented designer, Rebecca Yaker. I plan to release the show next week so stay tuned. There are sponsorship opportunities still available for this show, so let me know if you’re interested. (Click for sponsorship rates.)

Okay, now that I overloaded you with this potpourri blog post, I will stop and get back to making looms. Feel free to leave a comment below and tell me what’s on your mind. After reading all this, it’s only fair that you get a chance to share something, too. Thanks for reading, folks.

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