My New Boss Is Tough, But At Least She’s Crafty

by jennifer

I should have known that I would work harder for myself than anyone else. But, my word, this is ridiculous. I’m working so much that I still haven’t had time to excavate the dining room and rediscover that flat wooden surface, formally known as our dining room table.

My, oh, my.

While I haven’t slowed down at all, I am enjoying my new life working and creating at home. The girls and I made a trip to our favorite thrift shop to stock up on colorful T-shirts for Friday’s TV craft project and I scored the lovely vintage apron pictured above. I wasn’t shopping for aprons, but it was less than $1 and too cute to pass up.  We also found some vintage sheets for the rag rugs that will soon grace our floors in circular splendor. Not that I had time to work on that. :  )

I did make three terrariums for an upcoming GR Press article and blog tutorial, so stay tuned for that. I’ve discovered that I really, really LOVE making terrariums, but I’m going to have to stop because I’m running out of room to put them.

On the International Granny Tag front, I’ve been pleased with the response and will be sending out instructions after I finish a couple small writing projects. So whip up some wild looking granny squares and get ready. Oh, yeah, that reminds me that I wanted to mention that thrift shops are great places to find granny squares that desperately need a second wind and “ugly” yarn perfect for fiber art graffiti.

I have a story to write yet tonight, but before I get back to work, I want to congratulate Becky the winner of “Denim Revolution” by Nancy Minsky, my featured guest on CraftSanity episode 99. Congrats Becky! And thanks to everyone who posted great comments. (Becky you should have received an e-mail from Jeff, notifying you of your big win. Please send us your address, so we can ship your prize.)

Speaking of podcasts, I have two great interviews in the hopper. Episode 100 will feature soft sculpture artist Abby Glassenberg, followed by No. 101 featuring a chat with Justine Telfer, the editor of the Australia-based MixTape zine that I really enjoy. There are sponsorship opportunities open for both shows, so let me know if you want sponsor one of these inspiring chats.

Okay, now I really should get back to work. Thanks again for all the encouraging comments and e-mails as I transition to my freelance career. You kind people make me feel brave and I love you for that. Thank you!

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