Unauthorized Clotheslines & the Rebellious Spread of Apron Love

by jennifer

Last weekend, I ran a clothesline from my front porch to a tree out by the street. Those who were watching this curious activity unfold were probably relieved when I started pinning aprons instead of undies to the line. Oh the suburban horror that would have caused. Hmm…

Anyway, I needed a place to hang up all my handmade aprons for a quick photo shoot for an article about the resurgence of sewing that I was invited to be a part of. As it turned out, shooting pictures of my aprons was more fun than I expected, especially with all the curious looks from passersby. I took the clothesline down before I got hauled before the neighborhood association board, although I must admit that going to a hearing about disturbing the peace with a handmade apron display would make for excellent blog fodder. I would probably even make a special apron for the occasion. : )

Ah, well, maybe someday I will live in the country where I can be free to dry clothes in the front yard, raise chickens, keep bees and turn my lawn into an organic vegetable garden. In the meantime, I’m going to keep making aprons and hanging them up for impromptu photo shoots from unauthorized clotheslines.

You can read the AOL article by Judi Ketteler here. It’s lovely to be included along with five super talented women, including three former CraftSanity guests: Amy Karol (episodes 27 and 55), Alicia Paulson (episodes 17 and 91) and Betz White (episodes 24 and 68). Thanks, Judi! And a special thanks to my talented sister, Julie, for making me look good. Her camera skills are magical.

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