CraftSanity Episode 96: An Interview with Jenna Woginrich, author of ‘Made From Scratch: Discovering the Pleasures of a Handmade Life’

by jennifer

If you’ve ever dreamed about moving to the country and living off the land, you need to listen to this podcast featuring Jenna Woginrich, the author of “Made from Scratch: Discovering the Pleasures of a Handmade Life.”

Like many of us, Jenna, 26, of Sandgate, Vermont, works for “The Man” during the day. (She’s a web designer.) But when she goes home, she rules the roost — literally. After hours, Jenna homesteads. Her informative and entertaining book documents her first year as a rookie homesteader, fumbing at times as she teaches herself how to bake bread, grow a garden, raise chickens, become a beekeeper, sew and spin. Oh, yeah, and she also taught herself how to play fiddle and mountain dulcimer.

Clearly, this is not a phase, but an admirable adventure that Jenna continues to document on her Cold Antler Farm blog. And I believe there’s enough drama in her book to keep even the most content city folks turning the pages to find out what happens next.

The only danger of listening to Jenna’s story and reading her book is that you may be overcome by the desire to launch yourself headfirst into homesteading, too. (Of course, my immediate response to put on my straw hat and speed to the back 40 could very well stem from the disappointing experiences I’ve had living with a neighborhood association. So, you might be okay.)

I don’t know about you, but I can’t help but respect a woman who is willing to do what it takes to truly live an authentic life, even if it means transporting sheep in her car. (See photo above.)

So, make yourself some masonade, settle in with a project, and get ready to be inspired to at least consider simplifying, consuming less, giving more, and pushing yourself to stretch outside your comfort zone to try something new and exciting.

UPDATE!!!! Win Jenna’s Book! The cool folks at Storey Publishing have agreed to donate three copies of Jenna’s book to CraftSanity listeners. So fire up your mp3 player, check out the podcast and then tell us what you think about Jenna’s adventure and the one you may be planning for yourself. Leave a comment below by April 26 to enter the random drawing. Do you dream of moving to the country and growing all your own vegetables? Yes? No? Share your story, a favorite bread recipe, or both.

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