Made in Grand Rapids: Jo Clothing Offers Unique Style and Comfort

by jennifer

Today, my GR Press art & craft column is about Sarah Jo Saunders, the creator of the Jo Clothing line. I had been wanting to interview Sarah, 29, of Grand Rapids, Mich., for a long time, so it was fun to finally hear the story of how she got her creative start and continues to build momentum as a part-time hairstylist and budding designer.

The beauty of Jo Clothing is that the garments are designed for casual comfort in styles that flatter women of all shapes and sizes. All the pieces she sells are handmade in her sewing room, with most the pieces custom made to order. Shake loose with your measurements and Sarah can stitch up something made to fit you.

Before Sarah started her clothing business, she was making stuffed crochet and fabric toys like these:

Sarah’s stuffed toy creations were the inspiration for my stuffed bird project. The good news is that Sarah is still selling cute little stuffed squid when she goes to West Michigan art shows and bigger shows like Renegade. Check out her story and get inspired to live your dreams, too.

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