Hey, Sporty Crafters, It’s Time to Lace Up!

by jennifer

It’s time to up my mileage from “winter casual” to “serious business.” Today I’m going public with my plans to sign up for the Fifth Third River Bank Run 25K at tonight’s Kent County Training Kickoff. I ran this race two years ago, then skipped it last year to pace a pal through the 5K. But this year, it’s game on. I’m training for the long race and want to run it smart so I can enjoy myself out there. (I tend to go out a little fast.)

So what do my plans to run this race Saturday, May 9, 2009 have to do with art and craft? Plenty.

I usually run road races solo so I never get to wear a cool race jersey or stretch out with my “team” before the race. So, here’s what I’m thinking… If you’re a local, sporty artist or crafter and you want to be part of a very creative and barely official running team let me know.

You don’t have to have prior running experience to do this. Just the desire to set a fitness goal and work toward it. It would be fun to do some training runs together and embellish some cool race jerseys before the race so we can proudly fly the D.I.Y. flag while we’re out pounding the pavement.

I’m planning to run the 25K, but you don’t have to run that far to participate in this sporty demonstration of handmade love. There will be 10K and 5K races, too. The point of this is to support each other as we train and celebrate together on race day.

E-mail me if you’re interested in lacing up and making your D.I.Y. status known on race day.

Are you in? Come on. Let’s rock this thing!

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