My Two Little Crafters: Great Craft Company At Ages 3 & 4

by jennifer


I bought a simple rug loom at a weavers guild garage sale about eight years ago, back when motherhood was my hope. “It’s for kids,” I told my husband.  When I bought it, I could only imagine how fun it would be to weave with our children  one day. And I’m oh-so-happy to report that Thursday was the big day. I taught Abby to weave.

I cleaned the spider webs off the old frame loom and set it up in the living room. Abby, 4, took to it right away. (She said she might even like it more than stitching.) We skipped the sample-making and started right in on a rug using the thickest yarn in my stash. (Lion Brand Big) She said she wanted to correct her mistakes as she goes, so we’ve done a lot of reweaving and she still likes it.

The plan was for Amelia, 3, to try her hand at weaving, too, but instead she asked to do some stitching. So Amelia graduated from the plastic stitch board she was practicing on and selected some fabric scraps from Abby’s stitch box. She’s watched Abby and I with our embroidery hoops, so she seemed to naturally know what to do. It was fantastic to watch her make random stitches to secure a tiny piece of a yellow and blue floral print to a green polka dot background.


We had had a challenging afternoon, so it was very nice to spend a peaceful evening crafting together in the living room. I’m so thankful that I get to be the mother of these two little girls. They inspire me so much and I can’t believe what a kick I get out of crafting with them. I’m a very lucky woman. :  )

I’ve had a bit of computer trouble this week, but I think I’m back in business. Later today I will announce some more winners of Amy Butler goodies, so enter the contest if you haven’t already. Good luck everyone!

*** P.S. If any of you locals are in looking for some knitting fun tonight, Knitwear designer Jared Flood is town. Check out his Brooklyn Tweed slide show and presentation from 7-8:30 p.m. tonight at East Grand Rapids Library (lower level) 746 Lakeside Drive SE. The cost $10, or $5 and a handmade washrag or potholder for charity. He’s also teaching a workshops at City Knitting today and tomorrow. Call 454-9276 to reserve tickets.

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