Fall Rocks. And So Do Savvy Crafty Business Women.

by jennifer


I took this picture Saturday when Abby, Amelia and I went out to collect leaves to press. I just love fall. Michigan is such a beautiful place to be this time of year.

Do any of you ever press leaves? What kind of projects have you made out of them? I haven’t decided what we’re going to do with ours yet. I’m pressing them in an old phone book, under a stack of craft books. I’ll let you know what we end up doing. I’d love to seal them somehow and make a fall mobile.

This morning I went to a power breakfast with about a dozen creative business women who gather monthly under the title Monday Artist Support Sisters, or MASS. I will be introducing you to them in upcoming art and craft columns, so stay tuned for that, folks. If any of you ladies are reading, it was an absolute pleasure to dine with you all today. You are very inspiring. It’s great to see a group of  women who support each other and encourage each other toward success. Women need to do this more. Cheers, sisters!


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