Vintage Loot: The Craft Devil Made Me Buy It

by jennifer


I’m trying to abstain from garage sales because I’m afraid I’ll find something really great. I’m talking about a deal so great it makes me dizzy and unable to use sound judgment and think: Is this really worth the the precious real estate it will take up in my home?

You see, I’ve been trying to purge unnecessary items from my home, so garage sales are a bad place for me hang out. Today I slipped up. I ended up at a garage sale by accident. I got invited to check out the West Michigan Quilter’s Guild July gathering and ended up smack dab in the middle of a the best garage sale a crafty gal could ask for. Right outside their meeting, was the guild garage sale brimming with fabric, quilting books and other goodies.

Smart people were trying to destash, with others like me walked away with bags of dollar yard fabric and smiles on our faces. Of course, I was seduced rather quickly by five yards of a quirky vintage pink and blue floral print (for aprons or dresses for the girls, maybe?) and I couldn’t pass up 10-cent embroidery hoops for Abby now that she’s become a little stitchaholic. (She currently has little projects in progress on several of my hoops.)

Somehow I made it out of there with only $11-worth of unneeded purchases. The best find of the day was the 25-cent vintage pattern for a full-skirt that ties on like an apron. That will be a fun project to whip up for the girls. While I’m not proud of the fact that I caved today, I’m not really sorry at all. The look on Abby’s face when I presented her with a $1 freezer bag fully of scraps was totally worth it.

In slightly unrelated news… I’ve been sewing like mad here at the CraftSanity headquarters. Unfortunately, I’ve been making curtains. Ugh. Did I mention that I don’t like making curtains? Well, I don’t. But I prefer it to buying something that “will do” at the store. Hopefully, I’ll love these new curtains for a good long time.


Whir! I’m making curtains and taking crazy pictures while winding bobbins. (I’m totally in love with my camera, a Cannon EOS 40D.) The turquoise panels for the dining room are done… just two orange panels for the bedroom to go… must stay motivated to complete this project. Wish me luck.

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