Little Stitches

by jennifer


This has been a very hectic week and I’m expecting the early part of next week to be crazy busy as well. Because of this fact, it was ultimately important that the girls and I spend some creative time outside today. I worked on a new art quilt while Amelia colored and Abby continued work on the fabric collage above.

Abby’s attention span for stitching is amazingly long for a 4-year-old. I just love her color choices and random stitching. I tried to teach her to stitch around the edge of each piece, but she said: “That’s not the way I do it.” I thought that response was pretty fantastic and abandoned my lesson plan.

Letting her do her thing was definitely the way to go, because she’s a delight to watch. She’s very quiet when she stitches, which is unusual for her. (She’s a Chatty McTalksAlot like me.) I didn’t teach her to do what she’s doing, I just put some fabric in a hoop and threaded a needle to get her started. She’s doing her crafty thing and seems to really enjoy it, which makes me exceedingly happy.

I’ve given up trying not to let on just how much I LOVE watching her stitch. Even though it might speed us toward the day when she no longer wants to stitch with her mama, I think it does us both good when I express the joy her little stitches bring me.

Amelia, 2, may be getting sucked into my craft world as well. She spent a good, long time sitting next to Abby on the swing watching her stitch today. I took pictures of that, too.

Oh, how I love my girls and the craft club we’ve formed out on our deck. I finally feel the way I did going to Sunday craft night at Great Grandma Case’s house. In the best of times, crafting with with female relatives is a wonderful experience grounded in unconditional love, the same unconditional love that gets you through everything else. I think Great Grandma would be very pleased, and I’m so grateful for her inspiration. (She was a craft goddess. I swear, she could make anything.)

So, today my heart overflowed with gratitude when I saw Amelia admiring the work of her big sister as they sat together on the swing. It started out as a stressful day at the office, but in that moment out on the deck, nothing else mattered and the creaking of the swing was the best sound ever.

And just because I don’t want to give you the false impression that my life is perfect… This precious moment evaporated when one of the little ladies elbowed the other and suddenly we were back to “normal.” Ah, well, that 15-minute, harmonious craft time was pretty fantastic while it lasted.

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