Sewing On Deadline

by jennifer


I thrive on deadlines, especially crafty ones. I love it when I “have to” work on a project. Today I’m whipping up a new gift apron. Actually, I have a few aprons in the works. When I get those done, I can finally make another one for me. Amy Butler’s Barcelona Skirt Apron Overlay pattern has been screaming for my attention for a couple months now, and I don’t know how much longer I can ignore it. I can’t wait to wear that apron! Wearing aprons out as much as I do, I desperately need to make some new ones to add to the rotation. This is a very serious issue for me. (Don’t laugh, I’m really pretty serious about my public apron-wearing.)

Speaking of public apron-wearing, I receive e-mails on occasion from women who wear their aprons out in public for the first time and report back to me that they got a real kick out of the experience and it absolutely makes my day. Rock on, sisters! Every time I read these messages, I wish the women were local and that we could get together and ride Vespas around town or something. Did I mention that I’d love to put on a cool apron over a pair of jeans, and cruise around on a turquoise Vespa on my 32nd birthday which will occur later this month. Well, I would. I’m thinking a matching head scarf and a pair of very large vintage sunglasses would go great with the look. I’m just throwing this out there to increase the likelihood that I will take the necessary steps to try to make this birthday swish come true. (In case you’re wondering, a “swish” is a very silly wish, and, no, I don’t currently own a Vespa. So, yes, this “swish” is highly unlikely.)

* Note: The Wall-E tattoo on my daughter’s arm isn’t real. And, yes, I realize her socks are dirty. You’ll have to excuse us because we’re kind of busy playing with fabric right now. People ask how I do everything I do. This is how. I don’t fuss over small, harmless details like dirty socks and I’m not opposed to leaving dirty dishes in the sink overnight. So next time you see a dirty sock or stack of dishes, take a picture for your blog, then go back to work on a project. The world will not end if you leave the dishes in the sink. (I know. You’ll be fine.) Feed your soul, then clean the house.

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