27 Dresses, 20 Miles and Still Caffeine Free

by jennifer

biketrainer.jpgI went on my first living room cycling expedition last night. While my family slept, I pedaled and sweat it out on my new bike while watching a chick flick. “27 Dresses,” starring Katherine Heigl, was last night’s Netflix selection. It was so-so as far as chick flicks go, but it made riding my bike for 20 miles on a borrowed trainer in my living room a little more interesting. The whole wedding writer journalist representation came off as total bunk, but that’s usually how it goes. As a real journalist, I can’t help but be overly critical of fictional representations of so-called reality. Plus, I always feel a bit surly when I’m wearing bike shorts. I don’t really care for bike shorts and despise the way they make my rear look bigger than it is, but I won’t ride without them. They are very necessary. Trust me.

Today, I’m headed to Festival of the Arts, Grand Rapids’ annual weekend celebration featuring art exhibits, tasty food, and live music and dance performances.

This is day six without my cola IV and I’m doing fine and happy to be drinking 900 less calories a day.

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